The right to mobility: a comparative analysis between the Legal and Movement Info-point Ventimiglia (Italy) and the Migration Office Curicó (Chile)

This is the report about the event for which 9 of our volunteers were arrested. We decided to present ourselves in Ventimiglia at a gazebo info point of Casapound, a group known for professing anti-immigrant and other far right messages.
For being there nonviolently with just a few banners and musical instruments, all 9 of us were arrested, fingerprinted and photographed into the system.
Since this, we have noticed in increase in ‘routine control’ – it seems that volunteers are being profiled and harassed by police, perhaps to discourage people from wanting to help in the refugee crisis or to create a hyperparanoia to demonstrate the power of the police against the power of civilians, even for small peaceful gestures…

english below in this article.

The name Ventimiglia means ’twenty miles’ in Italian, referring to the town’s distance from the French border.

The current state response on both Italian and French sides disregard the principles of human rights!

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Kesha Niya Kitchen needs our help!

Kesha Niya Kitchen is a community kitchen run by volunteers and refugees in the refugee Camp de la Liniere in Grande Synthe, Northern France.

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