Ieri sera alla trasmissione L’aria che tira La7 si parla di Ventimiglia. Il confine come ostacolo per tutte le persone che necessitano di muoversi, dove la solidarietà viene criminalizzata in particolar modo dall’atteggiamento dell’amministrazione comunale.
Le responsabilità sono Locali, Italiane, Francesi ed Europee! 08.07.2019

This was a talk about the border in Ventimiglia, the border where solidarity is criminalised.


AYS is already a great source, and here they are painting a picture of Ventimiglia, including personal stories of guys from under the bridge, a description of work that independent and organized volunteers are doing, the preying behavior of police, and the absolute fuckery that is the Red Cross camp. Also the local administration’s complete disregard for human rights or wellbeing. Cheers, Medium.

/“What is the job of the administration? What are they doing?” I ask. She smiles, “They do nothing”. They did not even put portable toilets. In 2016, they put a ban to distribute food to migrants, not even packed food!/

*they call Kesha Niya an NGO, which isn’t right, but hey – thanks for the PR

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Good evening friends, a little update about how the situation in Ventimiglia is at the moment. 08.02.2018

There are around 250 people living in the horrible conditions under the bridge, most of the people thankfully sleep in tents but there has been a massive growth in woman and children. To be honest, we’re having a bit of a hard time with this situation because are not professionals and there are a lot more things to think about with so much (pregnant) woman and very young kids under the bridge.

This is also at the same time a question for everyone who has experience with this kind of situations, woman center’s, children center’s pregnant woman as refugees. if you have any advice or are willing to come and help.

One last thing. The red cross camp refuses to shelter lone underage girls, we have no idea why or what to do with this.

‘Migrants are more profitable than drugs’: how the mafia infiltrated Italy’s asylum system

We are again shocked, a kitchen brother from the old Camp De La Linière, Grande-Synthe where we lifed and worked with him together for one year in 2016, got hit by a train and lost both legs in north France, Calais/Dunkirk.
Alan Yalnz , Brakam, our mind is with you!
xoshin dawey, we love you!!!
The Kesha Niya Crew!


We are shattered by this news,
the new year starts also in Ventimiglia with a dead human, a 28 year old guy from Gambia was found dead on the roof of a train from Ventimiglia to Menton, Nice. 14.02.2018
We should not fill to remaind ourselfs, what border policies really mean!

The international Human Rights Day is just 4 days ago (10.12.17), here is a good report on illegal push-backs and systematic police violence at the external borders of the EU. At least 857 people including many under-aged have suffered beating, kicking, electric shocks and even dog bites, were deprived of their belongings including their clothes, and forced to wait for hours at below-zero temperatures. More info can be found directly on the website:

The right to mobility: a comparative analysis between the Legal and Movement Info-point Ventimiglia (Italy) and the Migration Office Curicó (Chile)

This is the report about the event for which 9 of our volunteers were arrested. We decided to present ourselves in Ventimiglia at a gazebo info point of Casapound, a group known for professing anti-immigrant and other far right messages.
For being there nonviolently with just a few banners and musical instruments, all 9 of us were arrested, fingerprinted and photographed into the system.
Since this, we have noticed in increase in ‘routine control’ – it seems that volunteers are being profiled and harassed by police, perhaps to discourage people from wanting to help in the refugee crisis or to create a hyperparanoia to demonstrate the power of the police against the power of civilians, even for small peaceful gestures…

english below in this article.

The name Ventimiglia means ’twenty miles’ in Italian, referring to the town’s distance from the French border.

The current state response on both Italian and French sides disregard the principles of human rights!

Have a look on this report from Refugee Rights Data Project:

Unacceptable living conditions for migrants stranded on the Franco-Italian border –  03.08.2017

No Border – No Problem!

Overthefortress: Border deaths in Ventimiglia – 25.07.2017

Refugees on the Pass of Death between Italy and France – 26.07.2017

blaze devastates Grand-Synthe refugee camp on Monday night – 10.04.2017

A large fire has devastated the Grande-Synthe refugee camp, 10 people got injured 600 people are missing.

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Cooking in the Grande-Synthe refugee camp


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Kesha Niya Kitchen needs our help!

Kesha Niya Kitchen is a community kitchen run by volunteers and refugees in the refugee Camp de la Liniere in Grande Synthe, Northern France.

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