Our project is based on the support of long- and short-term volunteers who are willing to help us with our work.

The problem with our new project is, that we work and live in the french Alps on a farm, so the space for volunteers is limited. If you are really interested with working and living together with us, contact us and then we have to see and discuss how the situation in this moment is.



We start the morning with emptying the van from the night befor of distribution, at 11 am we have a meeting to discuss about the last distribution and about the topics of the day.                                                                                      After this we start with chopping vegetables for soup and salad so that the food can go to Italy at 6 pm for distribution. Equip the Van with all the items what is needed for Ventimglia.

We have to chop wood for our field-kitchen to maintain hot water.

We also have to take care that our working environment is as clean as possible. Moreover, it is necessary to keep track of the storage and all the elements which are needed both for cooking and keeping everything in order.

We are living on a permaculture farm, so there are always things to do, feel free!

Contact us!

Email: volunteer@keshaniya.org
Phone: 0049 157 56840726

We are looking forward to answer all your questions.



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