We left ‘La Liniere’ camp last Sunday, 02.04.2017

We left La Liniere camp last Sunday in pursuit of the next stage: the French-Italian border.
Though we are ready to take on this new endeavour, we will not forget the camp that was home to us for over a year, the people that we came together with every day to do the job – or how much it remains in need.
It remains overcrowded, with people sleeping sometimes in a shelter of 10, or a community kitchen, even the info center or one of the shipping containers.
With the kitchen closed, all the food is now distributed by freeshop (with the exception of prepared lunches) requiring more wood to cook.
Shoes (especially size 41-45), sleeping bags, and other necessary forms of coverture are lacking…

This where all you donors and volunteers continue to save the day!

If you would like to donate food items, please do so through RCK via their website, www.refugeecommunitykitchen.com or email refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.com.

If you would like to donate clothing or items like sleeping bags, blankets, tents, etc, please do so thru SALAAM http://www.associationsalam.org/-Nous-soutenir-

If you would like to volunteer in the camp, you can register on the platform launched by city hall at https://www.lieudaccueilhumanitaire-grandesynthe.fr/formul…/ or you can contact RCK or Care4Calais directly.

We want to express our gratitude towards these associations who have helped (and still do) carry the load, and to those who’ve donated their time and energy. Please keep up the good work.

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