A large fire has devastated the Grande-Synthe refugee camp!



Camp la Liniere has been burned down to the ground and reduced to ashes! We are all heartbroken to hear about this! Be careful We love you!

This is what happens when you treat people like animals: they start fighting each other. After months of overcrowded living situations and rising tensions, the dam finally broke:
On Monday night, the 10th April, there was a big fire following some knife fights between residents in the Dunkirk Grand Synthe refugee camp.
Most of the shelters and two community kitchens have burnt down, leaving over a thousand people homeless.
It is interesting to us that, with 24-hour security, the constant presence of CRS police, and the numerous well-marked “points d’incendies” along the creek that borders the camp in case of emergency, still the fire grew and raged for hours in the night, until the camp was ultimately destroyed. How is this possible?

Please donate to raise funds to go directly to purchasing emergency items, or donate:
sleeping bags
hygiene products
hotel room vouchers or other forms of temporary lodging

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