The big snow is over

Hello everyone,
The big snow is over, the hoses are unfrozen, the streets are free, and our pots are steaming again! 18.03.2018

The Last weeks were intense for us all, but together we were able to support the people who are living under the bridge in Ventimiglia.

An activist* group who is acting in Ventimiglia (, hit the point.
For the Volunteers in place who we support, the snow and the freezing cold is a big challenge: Next to the daily task’s, like making Tea or cooking food, distributing clothes to those in need,with in these daily tasks the volunteers try also to preclude the tent’s from collapsing. We are collecting fire wood, organizing sleepingbags and blankets, so that the people we support are able to survive the freezing nights.

But with in those difficult situations, together with regional groups we managed to keep the food supply steady. Thanks and big love!

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