fences, fences, fences.

Hey dear followers,
a small update…
While all over the world fences are placed to close the borders, now there is one more, here in Ventimiglia. The authorities decided to close the area under the bridge that gave shade and shelter. This is another step made with the intention of pushing everyone into the Red Cross Camp outside the city, which is already too full to provide well for the residents and forces people to give their identity and fingerprints. To stay around Ventimiglia without getting registered is now once again more difficult.
As well there is more activity of police, at the border and in the city. We notice this a lot at the tea truck, which gets regular visits, but most of it is of course felt by the refugees; there have been weekly deportations from Ventimiglia to the south of italy, and in the last week almost daily.
The repression from the government and the police is sadly working. Since we are still only allowed to distribute at the parking in front of the bridge, for women and children the 45 minutes walk from the camp and back after the meal is too much of a risk and way fewer people stay in and around the city.
Since two weeks now we cook for less than hundred people, providing tea and help where we can.
Since the amount of work reflects the amount of people, and the unofficial “camp” under the bridge is closed, we are at least fortunate to have enough volunteers for the coming time.
For people who are interested to volunteer in Ventimiglia, we recommend getting in touch with the Eufemia – Info&Legal Point.
Thanks for all of your support !

Love and keep fighting
Kesha Niya

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