Update from breakfast.

Greetings friends!

We would like to take the time to update you all on our work during the breakfast at the border.

We continue to provide basic breakfast, hot tea and coffee in addition to a charging station and basic information about the area as well as info about their rights to people traveling through Ventimiglia.
Since the beginning of December, we have done the breakfast every day, normally between 9am-3pm, sometimes later. Here are some things we’ve witnessed recently at the border:

We see on average between 25-40 people, but some days we much more than this; yesterday for example, we saw 92 people!
We see many minors, nearly every day. We also see women (sometimes with children) regularly.

Since the beginning of January we have received complaints that the French police have been stealing documents, identity papers, birth certificates from minors, medical papers, etc. In response to requesting to get their documents back many people have reported police abuse.
In fact we have heard of many incidents of pepper spray shot into the containers, slapping, punching, even small cuts and burns.

We have been seeking the support of French and Italian organizations, above all for legal assistance for these various human rights violations, but it remains difficult due to the lack of present experts and lawyers.

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