03/06/2019 – A man was hit several times by an Italian police woman with a baton because he refused to give fingerprints after she realised he didn’t have any in Italy. He had bruises on his head and hands.

04/06/2019 – There was a man in the water and a French police boat ‘chasing’ him towards Italy. They followed him, already on Italian sea, without taking him onboard. When they saw us watching and filming the situation from above they said: “Stop! Let’s not do anything for the moment, they’re filming!” We also started asking them what they’re doing and why they don’t help him. Without answering they kept following the swimming man until Balzi Rossi where italian used a small row boat to get him out. The French police left shortly after. Italian police handcuffed him and brought him to the border. Because we were on the scene, they told us: “You didn’t see and don’t know anything.” But we explained that we saw everything.
Directly after this an article was published in a local newspaper with a police statement saying that the man was “irregular” in Italy and sent back to France where he escaped by jumping in the water to go back to Italy. By swimming he “reached” the beach of Balzi Rossi and came to shore with the help of a lifeguard and a policeman.
Different NGO’s , and our group as well, believe that the article is not very accurate, because we’ve never seen a case of irregular people being sent back to France. As a matter of fact, in our experience it is highly unlikely that people are sent back to France, even with a valid reason such as being a minor. If the man really wanted to go back to Italy, he could have simply taken the road back, since the French police is stopping people to enter the country much more than Italian police.

08/06/2019 – While a man got arrested, he was asked if he speaks English and can write down his name. Because he couldn’t and didn’t know how to write in latin letters, the policeman started hitting him until his colleague told him to stop. Later, the man tried to speak some words of broken English to the police out of fear of being hit again. The same policeman told him that he was lying earlier because he does speak English and hit him again.

09/06/2019 – A man who usually lives and works in Italy went to Menton for one day. When he was waiting for his train back to Italy the police came to check him. They told him he has to go back to Italy and he explained he’s waiting for his train but instead of letting him take the train they took him, checked him brutally and told him he has to come with them. They pushed him to the car and when he asked why they were so aggressive, they just said: “Get inside the car, shithead!” and slapped him several times. At the PAF he was checked very quickly and told to walk to Ventimiglia. He asked if he could take the train but they told him to shut up and that he will walk the 10km. He asked again why all this aggression and received again a lot of slaps. The police then told him to run towards Italy but the man was walking instead of running, saying: “I’m not an animal and we’re not in Lybia.” While he was walking the police used their taser twice on his back saying that two French people died in Africa last month. They chased him towards Italy to make him run. When he arrived at the breakfast he was in a really bad state and his cheak was swollen.
The same day a 15 year old minor was pepper sprayed in the train and taken to the PAF. To make him enter the container they kicked him in the back, even though he didn’t resist. On the refus d’entree they stated he was 19 years old.

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