police intervention!

In the last three days the police came every day to the breakfast at the border to evict us.
The first morning we got a visit from a man in a blue suit. First he asked us what we were doing, to then tell us that we’re not allowed to be there giving food without permission. We tried to explain that the police came already several times before and that IG wasn’t a problem as long as we take everything back. But the man just went to call someone and left. A few moments later the police arrived telling us we’re not allowed to be there and accused us of abusively occupying the place. They told us we have to leave or otherwise they would take us to the police station. While we slowly started packing carabinieri arrived. We sat down next to the car to do some phonecalls for advice and to spread the information. But police then came there to tell us we can’t be there neither because it’s a parking spot.
The same day an article appeared in local newspapers saying that the mayor is very happy with the work of the police and that we had set up a real camp kitchen. It also said that with the summer the problem of activists trying to help the migrants is returning.

The next day polizia locale came in the afternoon and told us to remove everything. When we asked why, they said “because we are the law and we say so.” We then called a lawyer for advice and discussed how we want to go on. After some time to the police told us we have two minutes to take everything away otherwise they will take us to the police station. We slowly packed everything together except the tarp to protect us from the sun. Some minutes later the police told us to also take down the tarp. When we asked why and if it’s the same for the umbrellas the tourists set up at the beach they said that the tarp is not allowed but umbrellas are. We tried to figure out with what reason they ‘evict’ us and if there is a law to proof their actions but again they just said “You must not be interested in the law. You do it, because I tell you to do so”. Then they asked us to show our documents. One of the policemen added that if we don’t move he would denounce us. We asked for what reason and he replied “It’s not your business. I will denounce you and you’ll find out why”. When they called to the commissariat we slowly removed the tarp and then showed our documents of which they took pictures.
This day was a statement of the mayor in the local newspaper saying that that will come to check everyday and that nobody can do this without authorisation. He said ” this activists will not be allowed to stay”

The following day we had a woman from Amnesty International with us who explained to us that she called the border police in Ventimiglia and that they said what we do is not forbidden. Later in the day 10 policeman came to tell us again that it’s not allowed what we do and gave us different reasons why (illegal sit-inn, camping, abusive occupation,…). But they also said tomorrow we can cone back because they don’t know what will be tomorrow, it’s not in their duty.

We will not stop going to the border to do the breakfast. We stay strong.


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