Another Post With Police Violence! Attention!

Hello everyone,
Last month a lot of extreme things happened and we want to share our report with you.

During August we got to know about 1072 people who were pushed back from France to Italy, 40 unaccompanied minors, 20 women and 10 accompanied kids.

The Italian police still tries to make us go away but they still have no real reasons to do so.

Two deportation buses left to Taranto. One on the 13th with 19 people on board, including 3 minors. Another one on the 29th with around 15 people.

Lots of people we met are in Italy since just a few days. They arrived by boat from North Africa or by foot through the Balkan road. They often didn’t eat or sleep since days. Many of the ones who arrived by Slovenia have serious feet infections due to the long distances they have to walk.

Another worrying medical fact was reported to us by a man who explained that he had sex with an Italian woman and that her father called the police after he heard about it. The man was brought back to the camp where he apparently received an injection in his penis to lower its function. Since then he suffers from erection problems.

This month we got reported that the French police took and kept 2 phones, a SIM card, the documents from 3 people, the Slovenian asylum request of a minor and the French asylum request of 2 people.
We were in the train when the 2 asylum seekers got checked and we saw them showing the paper to the police.
Concerning one of the stolen phones, we were walking in front of the PAF when we met a guy crying and shouting. He reported to us that he got his phone stolen by the police. He wanted to go back to talk to them and we accompanied him. The police asked lots of questions about the circumstances of the event and suddenly said it’s impossible because he never had a phone. They mainly talked to us, questioning the fact that we believe him and trying to tell us that we were accusing and insulting them which is very serious.

Two other men got forced to let their luggage in the train when they got arrested, even though they told the police that their passports, phones and birth certificates were inside.


– 2 Algerians were in the train and met a friendly French man who talked to them and wanted to help. In Garavan they all got taken out of the train and the French guy got grabbed by the throat and strangled by French police, before being free to go.

– A young Tunisian got beaten and pushed back illegally, we sent his story to a lawyer, so they can make a complain.
M. is in France since 20 days, he left Italy because he was forced to, after a jail sentence. He was walking at the market in Nice with a friend when he got checked by civil police for documents and hashish. M’s friend has documents and was free to go. M. had no drugs with him but also no papers, so he was taken to the police station. There he had to give his identity and undress completely so they could check if he had drugs. Then he was put in a cell for 2 hours.
The policeman came back and told M that he will be brought back to Italy. M. refused, asked why, talked louder and asked to talk to a lawyer. The policeman ignored him and just told him he’s wanted there. M. was then handcuffed and pushed into a car. He was brought to the PAF with blue lights on.
Because M. didn’t drink anything since the morning, he asked several times for water but wad only told to wait. At the PAF he was brought in the office and asked again for water. The police man asked him to look him in the eyes. M didn’t obey and looked at the ground. The policeman punched him really hard under the chin to make him look up. M. was kicked and punched many times in his back and on the back of his head. He fell on the ground while still handcuffed and spits blood on the floor. A policewoman stepped on his right leg and ordered him to look at her. M. was left there, laying for 15 – 20 minutes until he felt better and opened his eyes again. He was pushed back to Italy.
When we met him he had a small wound on his lip, red marks on his wrists from the hancuffs, and pain on his skull, behind the left ear and on his back.
His “refus d’entree” said he was caught at the peage in a bus coming from Italy. He was not wanted in Italy, Italian police identified him with fingerprints and just gave him the normal invitation to go to the questura.

A man felt sick in the containers. He vomited and asked the police to help him. The only answer he got were 2 punches in the face.

A guy tried to go to Paris to make his passport because his embassy in Italy refused to deliver and because the Italian state never answered to his request for the travelling permit that he made for this purpose, 6 months ago. He explained it to the French police and showed his birth certificate and nationality certificate that he needs to go to the embassy. The police took the documents and said they will send the papers themselves to the embassy in France. The guy refused and said he won’t leave without his papers. The police gave him the documents back and peppersprayed his whole face.

A group of 8 people was hidden in the train toilets. The police used pepper spray to make them get out.

– in this group a young guy told the police they are not allowed to treat people like this. He’s handcuffed and pushed on the ground. His phone is stolen.

– in the same group was a 3 months pregnant woman. After the pepper spray she couldn’t breathe anymore, had a lot of pain in her womb and started having contractions. She was taken to the hospital in Nice.
We met her husband who was really worried and had no way to contact her because all her stuff, including her phone, was with him. We reached the hospital that accepted to transmit her the number of her husband and also told us she will not be taken back by the police. Later we got the information that they never gave her the number and called the police to pick her up when the exams were done. We met her in the afternoon.

The police made fun of a guy, took him several times in pictures and gassed him in the containers.

– many people are gassed in the train or in the containers.

– a man was hit in the face and got gassed all over his body.

– 2 others got hit on the belly, handcuffed really tight and hit on the head. One of them had a bleeding nose.

– a man got gassed in the train and in front of the containers. He was beaten with batons and kicked with boots, so hard that he was bleeding a lot and lost consciousness. The police then dragged him over the floor into the containers. People inside started screaming when they saw him and the Police dragged him out, again over the floor. He was taken to the Menton hospital.
We didn’t meet this person, we got this report from his friend who was also beaten and arrested in the same train. This story was confirmed by several people who saw the scene.
We called the hospital to get news about him but he had already been given back to the police at this point. We never met him, not the day when it happened and also not the day after. He must have been sent back by another way.

A man was arrested entering the train in France after he crossed the border by another way. On his “refus d’entrée” was written he got arrested walking on the highway. The police took his phone to check his facebook and said he was lying about his age (even though it doesn’t matter because he was not a minor) and got slapped 3 times. He was accused of making fake declarations.

The situation at the border got worse again and gave us many reasons to worry. We are sad and angry that the police has the freedom to misuse their power in such ways. No one should ever face this and come in a situation like this. We want to spread the information to show people the true face of borders.
Please share and talk about what is happening to create awareness. Make a change and keep fighting the authorities!

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