Another report from our friends in Brussels: Kesha Niya goes Zig Zag!

Hello all,

First we should say that this report will be a bit longer than the other. This has nothing to do with the stuff that is going on in Kurdistan and Halle, which occupies us as well! (Anger) This week we are starting with our “regular daily business”. This is why we want to give you an impression of what you can expect, if you want to support us here. Also we want to the show all the people who supported us until now with all sorts of help what we accomplished so far and how we will go on. Let’s start with a quick look back:

When the first people of our group came to Brussels at the end of August, the situation in the park was very unclear to them and none of the people there seemed to be able to explain the bigger picture. After the first coordination meeting with most of the acting people in and around the park, the idea came up to run a calendar for easy communication and to see when there is a gap in support.

There is a lot of work to be done in the form of conversations and observations in the park. We established a calendar which was used more frequently after a while. There are some groups who failed to show up after putting their names into the calendar or who bring cold food when they say they will bring hot food. All in all it has been a useful tool.

Rather quickly everyone involved gave the signal that another kitchen in Brussels is needed. During our search for a kitchen we found a big social project. Here we started work to create our kitchen and work with the nice people there. Then a lucky coincidence brought us to another place which is not threatened by eviction (unlike the other project) because a group of antifacist people bought the premises on which we built our kitchen. From that moment on we have spent nearly every day there to transform the place into a kitchen. Despite the delay because of viral infections, the lack of a car and the low number of activists, we made an impressive place in which to cook for a large number of people.
Zigzag Kitchen is born!

Beyond the support from other activists who helped locally, we also owe a lot to the people from South France who helped us with contacts, money and good advice.
Long live the anti-national solidarity!

So far about everything is all about what happened in the last nine weeks. How does it look now? Most of all, how will it go on? Now we have everything that we need to supply the people with delicious, nutritious food. Zigzag Kitchen stands! The networks are standing, the local solidarity is copious, the dishes are organised, the supply of ingredients is assured, the finance also, the car finally arrived and we have still just enough activists with experience and motivation.

The last three distributions went really well and we had some really positive feedback from the people. The people in the park have shown an enormous willingness to help which has been vital to our distributions.

Now it comes down to deciding when we will heat our pots, who we will include further, where our accomedation will be in the future and who will help here in the long term. Because we try to keep the hiearchy of knowledge as low as possible, it would be necessary to have more activists here who are able to cook/want to learn how to cook for 800 people, at the same time it’s enormously important that people in our group take care of the financial aspects, keep an eye on the car, keep in contact with the other groups, or just write reports, etc. We want these tasks to be taken over by different people so that no single person is irreplacable and assure a long-lasting kitchen.

We organise ourselves, and we are completely independent. Self organisation is good and we want to keep it that way and that is why we need your support.

At the moment we are enough people to cope with the daily tasks and with the upcoming tasks but there are some people amongst us who need time to regenerate after a long time in Brussels or who want to change their objective to find shelter for the people in the park during the winter. If you are interested in joining our project short or long term then please contact us. We communicate mainly in English so if you don’t German it’s not a problem. If you are unsure or have questions, feel free to write us an email. While we are waiting for your emails we will improve some minor things at the kitchen, look for a new home and cook food as often as needed.

Yours sincerely and with solidarity, Your Molly Crew, or should we say? Your Zigzag Kitchen crew.

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