Its a new year and we are very happy about the solidarity we received during 2019. Thank you so so much for our support!

We are sorry that we did not updated the rest of 2019, but soon we are up to date again. So here is the report of the Breakfast from the 10.11.19 – 30.11.19. We met in this time in Grimaldi Inferiore 967 man, 41 woman (2 of them were pregnant), 23 unaccompanied minors and 10 accompanied children at the age of 12 months to 12 years. All of them got arrested by the french police and were deported to Italy. Furthermore we saw 25-30 persons who were in a deportation bus to Taranto.

Attention: In this time people reported police violence and wrong behaviour to us: Three persons informed us that they were pepper sprayed in the train toilets. One person reported that the police tasered him, while they already released him to Italy. Another person told us that he forgot his document at the PAF, so he went back to get them, but the 4 police man and one police woman took him in a separate room to beat him up. After that he got his documents and could leave again to Italy. One man said he got pepper sprayed in a separate room before they let him go. Another guy with Asthma reported that he informed the police about his sickness, but the police pepper sprayed him 3 times in his face. Then 5 man reported that they got pepper sprayed in the morning during their detention in the Containers. According to two people they had to give their documents through the door of the containers, so the police slammed the door shut to injure the hands of the two guys. A woman said that her boyfriend, who works legally in France and wanted to pick her up at the PAF, got handcuffed, insulted and undressed. According to them, the police threatened the guy that he will go to jail and loose his job, because they assumed he were a smuggler. They found his professional card and called his boss. But the boss could reassure the police that the guy is a good person, so the police released him. One man said he punched a police officer because he insulted his family, so they beat him up several times with several police officers. Another guy told us he got beaten with a baton on his head. He protected his head with his hands, so we saw his swollen hand. One guy reported, that he was handcuffed and when the police tried to cut through the cable ties they cut in his hand. They took him to the hospital and we saw him with a bandage around his wrist.And than we heard about a really shocking violent case, which at least 12 people from inside the container also witnessed.It was a 19 year old boy and he told us that, he got arrested the 10th of November around 19.45h in a flixbus to Marseille (we saw him at 15.30h the 11th of November). He was going to his father for the weekend and then he had to go back to his mother in Torino for school. He has italian nationality but he forgot his paper. He said the containers were very cold and full of vomit, so he asked the police if he could have a carton to lay on the ground to rest on. An officer told him to use his jacket on the puke to sleep on it. Then he asked the police if he could call his mother to proof that he is italian, they agreed and took him in a room without a camera to beat him up. He got insulted and they choked him until he fainted. They stepped on his legs several times, when he was lying on the ground, so that he had so much pain that he could not walk. According to him, they pushed him against a wall and pepper sprayed him directly in his eyes. He told us he is a diabetes patient so he asked the police to get his insulin. For that he has an implant on the left arm under the skin for the needle with the insulin. When he said that, the police said to him that he is hiding something under his skin, so they touched and pressed it violently until it bleed. Then he told us that they forced him to clean the blood away from his arm and from his bleeding nose from the beatings before. He refused to wash it, because the water was very cold and he was already wet because it rained and they pushed him on the ground before. They cleaned him by force, scrubbing the implant so violently that it went half out of his arm. He said he missed his insulin twice, so at one point an ambulance came to look at him, but the police was beating him against a wall and told the medic its not a good time now, so the medic left. He said then they brought him to a hospital but very short without treatment. When they came back to the PAF they beat him up further, always aware not to stand in the direction of the camera. Aswell he said that they put him in a separate room with no camera where they insulted him. According to the guy 4 policeman beat him there and they said „pass him to me now“. They took out their gloves to beat him harder. Then he got released at 14.00h to the Italian police, where he complained about the french police.When he arrived at the breakfast spot, he was totally traumatized not able to finish a sentence. He was shaking a lot and first he looked like a minor, but he said he was 19 years old.Furthermore people complained to us about other behaviour of the police. According to the people we met they said to us:That the police stole luggage, documents and 40 € of a guy. They aswell stole a valid asylum request card for France.Two persons said, that the police did not believe their picture of valid documents.A couple of people told us, that one guy vomited in the container, but the police refused to give water to clean up.5 man reported that they got pushed back, even though they had valid papers to cross the border.One person asked the police for asylum but did not get any reply.Someone said he lost his „refusal of entrance of the french territory“, so someone went back with him to the PAF to ask for a new one, but this person got threatened to be a smuggler. No paper was given back. Aswell we got reported, that a lot of people spend way more than the legal 4 hours in the containers with rough conditions(no food, water, access to medical care).5-10 hours x 21ppl, 11 hours x 15 ppl, 12 hours x 5 ppl, 14 hours x 13 ppl, 15 hours x 4 ppl, 16 hours 6 ppl, 17 hours x 3 ppl, 18 hours x 3 ppl, 20 hours x 1 person, 22 hours x 1 person and 2 persons were held for 24 hours.People also reported the violence of the Italian police: One guy said he got slapped one time, because the machine could not read his fingerprints.Another guy said he got punched in the ribs.One guy told us he got insulted very badly. Two times people reported that the police stole valid documents and ID-Cards. And they wanted to deport one man, but he called his lawyer to make clear that there is no legal ground to deport him. He got released.Then we got more complains from minors:Two of them said they got their proof of age stolen. Another two minors reported that they have no fingerprints in Europe and a printed poof of age fro their country of origin. Still they got send back. According to another two minors, we heard that they could not get checked, because the computer did not work. They got send to Italy.And 9 minors said, that they were between the age of 12 and 17, but on the documents from the police they were declared as 18 to 24 years old.Besides all this 3 people reported, that when they crossed through the mountains near the highway, they heard gunshots. A little after that they got arrested.Soon there will be the full report of December.

Thank you all for your support. Kesha Niya

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