Call-out To All Comrades

Call-out to all friends, members and comrades of Kesha Niya

People are needed to revive Kesha Niya’s participation in the fight against the violence of the french-italian border and elsewhere!
There is almost none here right now.
All autonomous, somewhat experienced people willing to stay for at least 4 weeks are welcome.
You’ll need to be able to drive, or have someone who is.
Kesha Niya’s activity on the border of France and Italy around Ventimiglia has undergone quite a few changes over the past years. Partly in response to the changing political and physical circumstances for people on the move and for those wishing to be active on the territory, partly due to changes of the group’s own structure and dynamics. The latter includes the purchase of a collectively owned
piece of land and its preparation, which claimed a lot of the present people’s time and energy. For a while this led to a low energy level and meant a focus shift away from the physical presence in the border struggle.
We want this to change now!
There is a beautiful piece of land, which in principle we cannot be evicted from, with a kitchen, running water, solar panels, a compost toilet, a yurt, a tool shed, tents and a mainly functional van.
From there it is about a 40 minute car ride to Ventimiglia and therefore to the border to France.
You would be needed to be able to continue, put in place and organise Kesha Niya‘s work around the border, as well as on the communal land. If you have new ideas and/or knowledge of how to do things – there is a lot of potential all around. It should be taken into consideration that there are many liable connections to people and groups living and working on the territory already, that can and should be used to develop the way people are active here.
It needs to be said that Kesha Niya’s past includes periods of unhealthy and harmful habits such as pushing too much to be present all day every day on the border, which sometimes led to the neglect of people’s needs and boundaries. These problems have been adressed many times and should be
prevented by actively organising the way people live and work together. This includes aknowledging the fact that sexist and racist structures inhere all of us and need to be worked on.
Be aware: the situation around the border is violent – mentally, emotionally and also physically.
Mostly for people on the move, but also for everyone chosing to be on this territory. Strategies of prevention and of aftercare are essential tools to face this violence, but to a degree there is no way
of avoiding it.
Love and rage!

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