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People are needed to revive and continue Kesha Niya’s participation in the fight against the violence of the french-italian border and elsewhere! We want to do that in many different ways and we’re always happy to welcome people with new ideas!

A few things to be aware of before coming:

We are a collective trying to be non-hierarchical; of course some forms of hierarchies may appear when people have been here for a longer time than others, but we try to avoid this as much as possible. We are constantly fighting against all forms of oppression whether based on class, race, sex, gender, age, physical or mental abilities, or any other. We acknowledge the fact that we all have internalized many of those behaviors, but if you’re interested in joining us, we expect you to be willing to do the work to dismantle those harmful structures. If you notice that you have been approached for your behavior in the past please reflect on it and disscuss with us about it before coming all the way here. We don’t welcome any hate unless it’s against the border!!!

We live on a piece of land on the side of an mountain, about 40 minutes away from Ventimiglia by car, and 1h away from the border to France. Due to this we really recommend you to be able to drive and/or have a car if you want to come and be autonomous. However, this should not stop anyone from joining us and there are many different things to do and ways to get involved around here!

In addition to the activities against the border and supporting people on the move, there are also lots of things to do to maintain our living space and our collective life that we consider equally as important as our activities at the border!

As it will take a long while to get to know all the different people and collectives here and on the area, we really recommend you to come for at least 2-3 weeks, to first figure out what is going on in here. But please reach out to us to discuss about it :

Here are some of the things we would like to dedicate time to if there are some more motivated, experienced people:

-Construction, camp improvement, water management, gardening, RAT PROOFING

-Sensibilizing actions 



-Crafting/DIY production/little hand mades

-Publishing/zines/DIY media

Be aware: the situation around the border is violent – mentally, emotionally and also physically. Mostly for people on the move, but also for everyone chosing to be on this territory. Strategies of prevention and of aftercare are essential tools to face this violence, but to a degree there is no way of avoiding it.

For more info please check out our call out for people and some of our latest updates!

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